Adjustable Tire Pressure

18.6 mph/30 kph

3.7 mph/6 kph

Max speed ground/water

Low fuel consumption

2-3 US Gallons /

8-12 Litres Per Hour

3-axis articulated steering system


The Ark

Up to 22 persons onboard

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Additional Features

  • Doosan D24 ECO Friendly Engine

  • Tier-4-final Ecological emission control

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)

  • 82 hours Fuel autonomy

  • All wheel control system to easily switch between driving modes

  • 0,07–0,15 kg/cm2 (0,9-2,1 lb/in2)
    Ground pressure (depends on tire pressure)

  • Front & rear sections have automatic pumps that will pump water out of the cabin

  • Tire air supply shut off in case of puncture

  • Variety of ready-made solutions for the second half of SHERP The Ark

Ready made tow behind solutions

7,500 LBS

Payload capacity

40° Gradeability


5FT approach clearance

Warranties and Certifications

  • For SHERP The Ark the warranty is 24 months or 2000 work hours.

  • The warranty period for SHERP The Ark engines is 36 months or 3000 work hours.

  • Applying new technologies increased the service interval by five times and now it is up to 250 work hours.

  • Transmission drives are now placed in oil baths and do not require regular maintenance anymore.

  • Defects will be corrected if the defect is caused by using insufficient quality materials or manufacturing technology errors.

  • United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Certificate of conformity with the clean air act.